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Stop overspending with real-time budget control

CostTracker is an easy to use procurement system that provides you real-time cost control.

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Budget module

Lack of control kills your profit margins

Tired of negative surprises that directly affects your profit margins? Or receiving an accounting report with cost overruns that you did not expect?

These are normal problems if you track your spending through an accounting system or trying to keep up to speed with Excel sheets that constantly needs to be updated.

Luckily there is a better way to monitor spend.

Put cost control on auto-pilot with CostTracker!

Powerful budget module

Our budget module gives you ultimate cost-control. Track your financial commitments real-time on the detail level you want.

3-way matching

A proven payment process in implemented in CostTracker making sure that you do not pay fraudulent or incorrect invoices.

Always updated audit log

Status changes, comments and matching. You can easily find all this information on each purchase order – cut time spent on searching for information.

Gain complete oversight and make better business decisions

Get full cost control and spend your time on value-adding activites

Discover it for yourself with our 14-day free trial, no commitments required.


  • Can CostTracker generate reports for analysis and decision-making?


    CostTracker comes with standardized reports designed for you to have solid control of expenses compared to budget.

    You can also generate your own datasets and export for deeper and user-specific analytics.

  • How does CostTracker help businesses gain better control over their costs?


    CostTracker provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to streamline expense management, automate processes, and provide real-time insights into cost control.

    With our intuitive platform, businesses can track expenses, manage budgets, streamline purchasing processes, and generate accurate financial reports, enabling better decision-making and cost optimization.

  • Can I invite my team members to join me during the free trial?


    Absolutely. Collaboration and teamwork are vital to the success of any financial management system.

    During your free trial, you can invite your team members to join you and experience CostTracker together.

    This allows you to evaluate how the platform supports seamless collaboration and enhances efficiency within your team.

  • Can I access all features during the free trial period?


    Yes, we offer you to test out CostTracker with all features included.

    Some of these features will not be visible for you in the auto-created account, as we need to enable them for you. We always suggest setting up a quick discovery call to ensure that you have the most relevant features for you. Or you can just contact us on mail support@costtracker.no.