All-in-one procurement solution designed for cost control

CostTracker is a flexible, yet powerful, procurement system designed for
unparalleled real-time cost control. If you are managing a project-based
business you will love the tailored features for project management.

Key features in CostTracker

Purchase planning
Purchase Orders
Flexible approval flow
Real-time budget tracking
Invoice Module
Cash flow forecasting
Detailed delivery tracking
Machine-learning OCR

Purchase planning is vital for real-time
estimates and control

A solid plan is key foor success, and the same goes for procurement. This optional
feature is powerful when managing projects.

From purchase planning
to actual commitments —
all-in-one system

Purchase planning

Create and manage professional purchase orders effortless

Purchase like a pro with our pre-defined templates and time-saving features.
No more misunderstandings.

An efficient workflow that will save time and ensure clear agreements with your

Machine-Learning OCR

Approve from anywhere with a flexible digital
approval flow

Single approval or multi-step approval flow? Approvals in CostTracker are flexible and cover
most scenarios. No need for approvals? Don’t worry – you can switch it off as well.

Approve from anywhere —
any time

Purchase order approval

Make better business decisions with real-time
budget tracking

See all commitments and planned purchases as you approve.
Essential for solid cost control.

Real-time information takes away uncertainties when making important procurement decisions

Real-time budget tracking

Our optional invoice module completes
the procure-to-pay process

Complete invoice module. Process, approve and transfer invoice transactions to your
accounting system. Can be used by both integrated and stand-alone accounts.

Ensure correct payments and avoid fraudulent invoices

3-way matching

Cash flow forecasting made easy

Get your cash flow forecast calculated auto-magically for you in CostTracker.

Get all your cash commitments with just a couple of clicks

Cash flow forecasting

Keep track of deliveries – with the level
of details you need

Your security for not paying for goods or services you have not yet received.

Track all your deliveries for a solid 3-way matching

Keep track of deliveries

Standardized reports available for all

Generate reports directly in CostTracker. Export whatever data you need
to analyse in other systems.

Report module with access to all relevant procurement data

Customizable archive with filter options

Add machine learning OCR for automation
of invoice processing (optional)

Your personal invoice processing assistant that constantly improves quality.

Save valuable time

Machine-Learning OCR

Other features our users love

Role-based user access

Internal & External attachments

Budget control settings

Two-factor authentication

Audit trail

Catalogue Management

Email and upload supplier invoices


Purchase order template

Copy-paste in PO form

Invoice approval


Purchase requisitions

Integrated Exchange rate conversion

Invoice matching to purchase orders

SSL certificates

Revision management

Drill-down functionality budget

Single sign-on

Supplier management