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CostTracker – Certified Xero Connected App Partner

We are happy to announce that CostTracker now is a Certified Xero App Partner.

CostTracker can now be found on the Xero App marketplace. You can see our app listing here.

The certification means that we can make cost control easy for even more Xero clients, and we have also done several improvements to the integration that will benefit our users.


Secure connection

The certification process includes various security checks. A certification is important for you, as you know that we follow Xero’s security requirements for certification.


Improved integration – use of deeplinks

We have also implemented deeplinks to improve user experience. One specific improvement is the implementation of deeplinks. Deeplinking means that you will have direct links in Xero to CostTracker documents.

In the image below, you can see an example of a bill to pay. It has been processed in CostTracker and sent to Xero, ready for making payment. A link to the CostTracker document can be found in the Xero interface, making it super easy for users to investigate data across the 2 systems.


or Sign-up with Xero

You can now sign-in with Xero to CostTracker. You can also sign up for a free trial from Xero.

Making it super easy to experience the power of CostTracker connected with Xero.


CostTracker + Xero = Ultimate cost control in real-time

Want to know more about how CostTracker integrates with Xero and what you can expect by using these systems together?

Read more about this here: Xero + CostTracker. How it works.


Want more information? Get in touch with us.

Use our contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

Want to test out CostTracker together with Xero? Sign up for a free trial here.



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