Construction businesses are typically multi-project businesses with several different stakeholders involved. There is a significant number of purchases related to each project and projects are often at several locations. Processes needs to be well-documented and tracking progress in each project is vital.

Many businesses in the construction industry experience some of these challenges


Long lead-time on purchases result in lack of control of commitments

Information is not easily accessible for stakeholders

Extremely challenging to do cash flow forecasting

Purchase orders or documentation can be lost in manual processes

Overspending on a project is discovered late or, even worse, never.

These challenges are no longer an issue for our clients within the construction industry. By empowering their team with an easy-to-use tool like CostTracker they now have

Real-time cost control – always in control of project commitments

One source of data and information – available for the relevant stakeholders

Full visibility of their cash flow forecast

A solid and efficient procurement process, from project planning to invoice processing.

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