Digital procure-to-pay process

Boost Team Efficiency with a Digital Workflow

Save time spent on manual processes. Time that can be spent on more value-adding activities.

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Is your team wasting time searching for information?

Tired of searching for information related to a purchase? Trying to figure out what terms another team member negotiated on? Or wasting time in meetings looking for updated information to share with your team members?

CostTracker is a one-stop-shop for information about your budget and project status. Always updated in real-time. Your team is always fully updated!

Helping teams wordwide save cost through efficiency

Digital workflow

Reduce time spent on procurement processe by up to 30%.

Real-time insight

Reduce meeting frequency with a one-stop-shop for updated information.

Plug & play integrations

Integrations and smart use of data ensure good data quality and effective use of time.

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Are you ready to boost your team performance?

Professional procurement teams save up to 10% on direct spend by implementing a procurement system.

See why leading business teams trust CostTracker to enhance their speed and performance. Take out a free trial today!


  • Can I access all features during the free trial period?


    Yes, we offer you to test out CostTracker with all features included.

    Some of these features will not be visible for you in the auto-created account, as we need to enable them for you. We always suggest setting up a quick discovery call to ensure that you have the most relevant features for you. Or you can just contact us on mail

  • Can I customise the approval flow in CostTracker?


    CostTracker streamlines the data migration process to ensure a seamless transition from your existing systems.

    Our dedicated support team will guide you through the migration process, assisting you in extracting and importing your data into CostTracker.

    We understand the importance of data integrity, and our experts will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and accurate migration, minimizing any disruption to your business operations.

  • Is CostTracker easy to use, even for non-technical users?


    CostTracker stands out as an intuitive and remarkably user-friendly system. Each user is assigned a specific role, ensuring that they are presented only with the functions relevant to their needs. This approach not only eliminates confusion arising from unused features but also enhances control over access permissions.

    Complementing this, our comprehensive Knowledge Base offers users guides to their queries.