Hospitality & Events

Businesses within the hospitality and event industry often have multiple procurement processes running at the same time. It can be both capital or operational expenses, all requiring a solid control to avoid overspending.

Hospitality & Events industry

Typical challenges for hospitality and event businesses:


Difficult to implement solid budget controlling

Challenging to keep track of cost commitments

Difficult to spot project overspending early

Cash flow forecasting proves to be extremely challenging

CostTracker provides control and efficiency to our clients within the hospitality and event industry

A lean and efficient tool like CostTracker can easily be adapted by your team, and you will experience the same as our other clients within the hospitality and event industry:

Real-time cost control with smart features to avoid overspend

Always easy to track your commitments and generate a solid cash flow forecast

One source of data – with user-based access rights

Full digital procurement process — from plan to invoice processing

Smart features for automation that saves valuable time

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