Better control with less effort is what we deliver for clients — every single day!

In CostTracker, we believe that procurement and cost control does not have to be complicated. Our mission is to empower procurement teams with an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool to gain full control of their commitments at any given time.

About us

Based in Norway, operating worldwide, the CostTracker team is dedicated to simplifying cost controlling through a powerful, cloud-based procurement software.

We are problem-solvers, and CostTracker today is a result of 1000s of meetings with procurement teams worldwide.

Today, CostTracker is used by hundreds of companies in more than 30 different countries.

About CostTracker

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Oslo, Norway



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Who is CostTracker for?

Our cloud-based procurement system is used by small and medium sized companies who typically operate on accounting systems who do not provide them with the necessary control over their commitments.

CostTracker replaces manual routines and worksheets instantly and the implementation is simple.

Our unique features tailored for project-based businesses differentiates us from the bunch.

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