The story behind CostTracker

The founders of CostTracker has an extensive track-record within financial management, controlling and management in several different industries. They saw that the procurement processes in all these companies could have been a lot better. Manual routines or no routines at all made it difficult to have cost control in projects or to follow up budgets. They searched for systems to help them, but they were either too complicated or very expensive to use. They decided to develop a lean and effective system for purchase orders specifically designed for complete control. The first version of CostTracker was launched in 2018 and is continuously developing together with customer needs. Always focusing on user experience and ease of use.

Who is CostTracker for?

CostTracker offers a cloud-based purchase order system for small and medium sized companies that wants to get real-time cost control. The users will find that they save time, achieve better cost control and have full traceability in historical purchases and budgets. Users get total control over purchases and costs BEFORE the invoice is received, which is central to achieving savings and budget control.

The system is very user-friendly and has a low implementation threshold. There is no need for consultants to use the system and the only thing you need to access the internet and a web browser. CostTracker can be used on PC, Mac, tablet or mobile.


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